J. Olia Postpartum Services

Postpartum Plan Consultation *May have additional costs*

Create your postpartum plan. Get to know you, your partner, and your family. Understanding your parental styles and your preferences. We will also discuss your primary concerns about the postpartum period and what having a postpartum doula in your home would look like for you.

Emotional and Physical Support

Helping mom adjust to having a new baby in the home by discussing her birth story, being a listening ear, provide non-judgmental support and continue to build her confidence as a mom. Provide tools and information concerning postpartum recovery. Also, helping to ensure that the family is doing well with adjusting to a new baby. 


Breastfeeding Support

Helping mom learn what is comfortable for her when it comes to breastfeeding. Help with latching, breastfeeding positions, feeding schedules, and pumping. 


Newborn Care

 Assist with feedings, diapering, bathing, sleeping and understanding your baby's cues. Help parents understand normal newborn behaviors. Offer techniques for calming a crying baby. Help to promote parent-infant bonding. 



Assure that mom has time dedicated to her personal care while the baby is taken care of. Self-care involves things such as taking a nap, showering, and running an errand. 

Sibling Care and Adjustment

Helping with siblings ensuring that they are  bonding and adjusting to the new baby. Assure that there will be time for the parents  to spend time with your older children without the new baby around, individual time with parents is important when you bring a new baby home.


Meal Preparation

Preparing meals for the family for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Home Cleanliness

Helping with tasks that become challenging around the house such as washing dishes, infant laundry, and keeping the nursery sorted and organized. Creating small stations with items that are needed for the baby and mom (i.e., diapers, wipes, snacks for mom, birth cloths). 

Run Errands

Run any errands that the family may need to get done. 



Provide access to local resources for services outside of a doulas scope of practice(i.e., pediatricians, parenting groups, parenting classes, lactation consultant).