About Jacael

Jacael Wallace started her journey as a postpartum doula because of her interest and love for pregnancy, babies, and helping others. She attended Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Family Consumer Sciences and a Bachelor of Art in French. During her studies, she concentrated on Human Development and Family Sciences, understanding and learning how to promote healthy families, individuals, and communities. Jacael has many years of experience working with families and their children as a nanny, childcare assistant, and babysitter. So, after graduating, Jacael knew that she wanted to work with families and babies, so it was exciting when she learned about postpartum doulas. She is excited to help families feel confident and empowered during such a very significant but sometimes hard time in their lives.

Education and Certifications

Over 7 Years of Experience working with children & families

Certified Postpartum Doula (Pro-Doula)

Infant CPR and First Aid Instructor Breastfeeding

Healthy Sleep for Infants

Early Child Development Coursework

LGBTQIA+ Families

ProDoula Certification

Why I Enjoy Working As  Doula

During my senior year at Bridgewater College, I continuously thought about my career after graduation. I knew that I wanted to work with children, parents, or families. I constantly researched jobs where I would be doing something that I loved and enjoyed. One day while scrolling on Indeed, I came across a nighttime infant-caregiver position that required a doula certification. So, I researched the responsibilities of a doula and the different types that existed. After understanding how doulas can assist mothers and their families, I wanted to be a postpartum doula. I could work with children, parents, and families all in one. 

Being a postpartum doula allows me to support families when society has made us believe families should or may not need assistance. I can provide emotional and physical support while also helping with infant care, breastfeeding support, meal preparation, sibling care, etc. It joys my heart to know that I can be there for someone during one of the most important journeys in their lives; becoming parents. Being a listening ear while also having the expertise and resources necessary to help families have a postpartum period with less stress than if they were to do it independently. My main goal is to help families feel confident and empowered in welcoming their new baby into their family!